Advance Partnership Updates

On Sunday, June 26th, I updated City Gates on our time at the Advance Global 2016 Conference, as well as what it means for us as a church to partner with Advance Movement and the importance thereof. If you didn’t catch that sermon, get up to speed here:

Church Planting Updates

We looked at videos from 2 advance church plants that are / have happened recently. If you’d like to watch them again or share them with others, here they are below:

Advance Online Magazine

Much of this info (above and below) can be found at the Official Online Magazine over here:

Advance North America 2016 Conference

If you’d like to join us and other leaders / potential leaders from across North America in North Carolina later this year (September 28-30 2016), then there is still an early registration cost of USD$99 until July 31st, 2016. It would be great if many Citygaters could attend this event, which will not only enrich your personal walk with Jesus as an influencer in your context but also solidify this sweet partnership that we enjoy.

Everything you need to know about this event can be found here: