Be Their Valentine

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Coupon: Be their valentine!


We all want our children to make good choices, and undoubtadly one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make probably includes them having to choose a spouse!

As parents we are able to invest in this decision making process simply by being good examples ourselves. Not only in how we treat our spouses, but also in how we treat our children. My daughters will have a better chance at knowing the difference between a good and a bad “date” if they have a couple of their own “daddy dates” to look back on (yeah right, as if I’m ever going to allow them to date anyone other than me!). When my wife encourages our boys to protect their sisters and to respect her as a mother, they’re also indirectly learning how to treat their own wives one day.

This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you join City Gates in creating precisely those kind of moments with our children? We’ve partnered with a few local vendors to help incentivize families who want to be intentional about this. So have a “Daddy Daughter Date” or some “Mum & Son Fun” at Coffee Culture Ajax, Jazzberry Tea House and Cupcakes Canada – and make use of those discounts offered between February 14-29 (collect your #BeTheirValentine coupons at our service this Sunday, Feb 14th).

But we all know you don’t need discounts to make this happen, and it definitely doesn’t need to be an annual event either! So, instead of some secret Valentine stealing your show, let it be no secret that you are their special Valentine. And over a hot-chocolate and a cupcake, or a pot of tea and a couple of choc-chip cookies, stare into their eyes, listen to what’s going on in their precious lives, and most of all – tell them that you love them.