Fast & Pray Weekend | April 7-9

Fast & Pray Weekend

Friday Apr 7th – Sunday Apr 9th

Corporate Prayer schedule @ The Waypoint:
Friday Apr 7th, 7pm-8pm
Saturday Apr 8th, 2pm-3pm
Sunday Apr 9th, 10am

We’ve been looking at the tradition of lent the past couple of Sundays through mini-talks on the subject entitled “Lent Soup for the Soul” (you can listen to them over here). Our hope is that this talking would ultimately produce some walking, as lent in the end is a practice and not just a nice idea. The elvis line “a little less conversation and a little more action” comes to mind :) In a nutshell, it’s about giving up luxuries and dependencies to various degrees to remember Jesus who gave up His life for us. Check out this blog post for a bit of inspiration on the matter.

To put some feet to our faith, we are asking #citygaters to participate in a church wide Fast & Pray Weekend on April 7-9. In addition to fasting from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, we will also gather together to pray for an hour on Friday evening (7pm-8pm) and Saturday afternoon (2pm-3pm) at The Waypoint, and then again on Sunday morning at our usual 10am prayer meeting before the service.

Our corporate ‘prayer guns’ will be aimed at (although not limited to):

  • Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services
  • Alpha (starting April 20th)
  • The work of YoungLife and our High School students
  • Our mission field (Durham region)
  • An increased dependancy on Jesus and more passion for His fame

Lets also trust God for scriptures and other prophetic encouragements that we can take into our next season as a church.

Much love,