There are multiple ways in which you can give towards the mission of Jesus through City Gates.

All of the options are outlined below, with our most preferred methods listed first. See the FAQ section at the end for more information.



This is our preferred option for receiving donations. PCO Giving supports multiple payment methods – including Apple Pay, automated recurring giving*, and works seamlessly on any browser / device!

* Create an account for this benefit



Text the amount (for eg. ” $50″) to 84321 and follow the prompts (it requires a one-time registration). Once registered, you can even donate to specific funds using shortcuts like “$30 general” (our main account), “$100 special-cause” (for unique offerings) or “$10 the-waypoint” (our mid-week shared meeting space).



Although not our first choice, this link still provides an easy to use and responsive interface for processing donations quickly and securely through one of the world’s favourite payment gateways.

If you don’t have a paypal account (and don’t want one), yet still want them to process the transaction, click on the donate button below:


Alternatively, you can give via credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, cash or cheque directly at our venue either before or after our service. Don’t forget to complete a giving card if you’d like to be issued a tax receipt for your donation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click on a question below to view the answer:

I don't want to give via credit card, can I give from my savings / cheque account?

Yes you can! Your current options are (a) PCO Giving – using a VISA Debit card as a method of payment, or (b) linking your savings / cheque account from within Paypal (you’d need to create a Paypal Account). Once linked, you are able to select your savings / cheque account as the source when making donations through Paypal.

Can I automate my giving either monthly, weekly or bi-weekly?

Yes you can using PCO Giving. When making your donation, select “Regularly” under the Occurrence heading, then choose the frequency (either Weekly, Every Other Week, Monthly, or Twice Monthly), the day of the week, and finally, the start date! It’s as simple as that.

Am I able to give to multiple funds with 1 transaction?

Yes you are! Again, this is only supported through PCO Giving. Click on the “Multiple Funds” tab when prompted to select a fund under the “To” section. Click on the “Select Fund” button, specify the amount, and repeat this step for any additional funds you’d like to donate to. Once done, click “Save” and the amounts will be added together to form 1 transaction once completed.