The Name Game


And the winner is... The Waypoint! Thanks to all who voted :)


Help City Gates name 90 Old Kingston Road!

Our mid-week meeting space, affectionately referred to as “90OKR”,  “The Space” or “The Venue”, is now in desperate need of an official name. Naming a venue is about as difficult as naming a baby – although there seems to be less people involved when naming a child!

We’ve been able to narrow down the options to the list below, each with a brief explanation if you’d like some of the thinking behind it. Having said that, we don’t want it to be overly symbolic – but we do want it to be (a) simple, (b) somewhat connected to the purpose, location and the “warm feel” of the space, as well as (c) short.

The space is located in the Historic Pickering Village, and some of the information outlined below can be found here:


The Waypoint

Historically, Pickering Village was formed as a stopover town between Toronto and Kingston. That’s also the definition of a waypoint – a stopping place. This space will be used to engage with people who are on a faith journey themselves, serving as one of their destinations on route to meeting Jesus.

The Bell

There is an actual historic bell (dating from 1890) in the urban square at the junction of Kingston Rd and Old Kingston Rd . They used to ring it to announce the work day start, lunch, and again at the end of the work day. It was also used as the Village fire alarm and for church services. Perhaps this space could serve as a bell announcing good & important news of a different nature.

The Creek

Pickering Village was once called “Duffins Creek” – which is the name of the little river that flows through Ajax/Pickering. In fact, during the early 1800’s, small ships could travel up Duffins Creek all the way to Pickering Village! In many ways, we’d like this space to be a refreshing stream in the lives of people and the even The Village itself.

The Corner

The space is literally on the corner of Old Kingston Rd and Windsor Drive. A corner is also a place where two sides meet. We know that people from different sides and all sorts of backgrounds – different to Christianity – will likely frequent this place.

The Gate

The most connected option to the actual name of our church. I don’t think this one needs much explanation :)


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